My name is Claudia Young. I’m a 20-something quirky creative and I hope to one day own more dogs than clothes. We currently have one and she is our child.

You can find me, my husband, and my dog in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but I’m always willing to travel to wherever you are. I’m both a vagabond and a homebody. I love to travel and see new things, but after a while, I want nothing more than to be in my own bed.

Things I love: Puppies, sarcasm, naps, exploring, cracking lame jokes, meeting new people, watching The Office, Anne With An “E”, Brooklyn 99, and Parks and Rec - on repeat, forever and ever, amen.


Two words to describe me: creative and dorky. I sing and speak in weird accents, make funny faces when I feel awkward, and read lots of comics. I do everything from web and graphic design, photography, videography, writing, and decorating living spaces. Creativity fuels my soul. 

I love using fashion to express my personality, which is why my hair and glasses might not be the same as these photos! I'll do my best to keep them updated though. :)

I have a degree in print journalism and a minor in social media, and I have been a photographer since I was 11 years old. Even after all this time, those moments never get old.

Bottom line: if you choose me as your photographer, all of your wildest dreams will come true. (Please understand that reference)

Meet Nathan and sarah



Nathan is my best friend, partner in crime, and husband. (You can roll your eyes, it's cool.)

He is ridiculous, and he brings out my fun side. I always tell him that I'm so glad I married him instead of someone serious. Life is never boring with him!

Nathan often joins me at photoshoots when his schedule allows. He holds gear, climbs up in trees for creative shots, and makes people laugh. He's also my second shooter at weddings. He photographs the guys and I photograph the girls! His groomsmen photos are so creative and always reflect the relationships between the guys. I love it!

He's the youth pastor at Round Mountain Community Church in Fayetteville. I truly cannot think of a better job for him. He is the definition of fun and silliness!


Nope, Sarah isn’t an associate photographer. That’s right, she's our dog. She came with a people name when we adopted her and we didn't want to change it.

Sarah is 20% Australian Shepherd, 20% Golden Retriever, 60% sass. She's my muse and demands scritches at all hours of the day. She can sit, lay down, shake, wait, go to bed, get in her crate, and nothing else. She's doesn't want to be like one of those fancy Border Collies.

We rescued her from a run-down rescue. Before that, she was abandoned at a hoarder's house when they moved away. She only tells that story so she'll get scritches.

I hang out on Instagram the most, so come say hi!

(You'll see most of my personality in my Instagram Stories)