A Photo Dump From Colorado


So Nathan's family goes to Colorado every other summer. Last time we went, he proposed. Click here to watch me cry.

This year, I didn't find any rocks as cool as that one, but it was such a relaxing trip. It's been a crazy summer, so it was nice to escape Arkansas for a while! 

I don't like to bring my bulky camera around with me everywhere, so I just kept my iPhone 7 Plus on me and took photos! We did a photoshoot of a Coloradan couple and it was to die for! Here's a little preview:

Colorado Photographer

Alright, here come the crap ton of iPhone photos!

Before getting to Colorado we had to cross Kansas, which took approximately 10 years. The only thing that makes it fun are the windmills. They have always fascinated me!

Colorado Photographer

This is where we stayed. It was so peaceful and quiet, while still just a short drive across the lake to Estes Park!

Colorado Photographer

While Nathan and a bunch of others hiked, the rest of us explored Estes Park. We stumbled upon a farmer's market, which had some interesting things for sale.

We picked up the hiking crew after a day or so, and that drive was insanely gorgeous. Nathan and I spent some time in Estes Park by ourselves and it was so nice! We went to a shop called Inkwell and Brew, which sells coffee and adorable notebooks and stationary. They have GOOD coffee, and that's coming from a barista's wife.

We drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and nearly died. Just kidding, that's just me being dramatic. We were driving through clouds and there should have been railings on either side of the road, but THERE WEREN'T. COME ON, RMNP. WHY.

The next day we went to photograph that awesome couple, and it was ridiculous how beautiful the view was on the way there. Honestly, I think we pulled a Voyage of the Dawn Treader and stepped into a painting.

Colorado Photographer

We went up Pikes Peak, then once again went off exploring on our own. We drove to Colorado Springs and explored Garden of the Gods, ate dinner at Dat's Italian! (We'd recommend it to anyone. Great food and the manager was so friendly), then had coffee at Jive's Coffee Lounge (also delicious). We also found a movie theater that showed older movies for only $1.75 a ticket, which I didn't know existed anymore!

And then we said goodbye to Colorado and were very sad. We stopped at CAFE LEO in Woodland Park (great coffee, friendly staff, awesome deco) and then Albert G's Bar-B-Q in Tulsa, OK, which was the perfect pitstop when we were semi-close to home.

Colorado Photographer

That was much longer than I had anticipated, but there you go. If you haven't been to Colorado, don't walk, RUN.

Claudia Young is a 20-something creative based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. She specializes in capturing moments instead of going off a Pinterest list. She shoots a lot of engagement photos and weddings, but she loves photographing individuals and families as well! Do you love genuine moments and seeing your personality come out in photos? She's got you covered.