Darlene and Bryan | Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens | Central Arkansas Wedding Photographer


Narrowing down the photos for a wedding blog is so hard. I just want to show all of them to you guys! 

This wedding was really special to me for a lot of reasons. First off, I'd always wanted to shoot at Anthony Chapel because E. Fay Jones is an architectural mastermind. So when Darlene contacted me and told me their venue, I thought "yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" You'll see how beautiful it is as you scroll through. The crazy thing is that these photos don't even begin to give this venue justice. It's simply breathtaking and indescribable.

Secondly, Darlene and Bryan have been together since high school. It is so impressive to me that two young people can stick together through all of the changes in that phase of life. It takes some real dedication and maturity to do that, and I am confident that they'll keep sticking together through it all! 

Nathan sticks with the guys most of the day. Since Bryan is a quiet man, I really didn't get to know his personality until after the wedding. When I looked through the photos later that day, I looked like an idiot smiling at my screen! The looks he gives Darlene are enough to make anyone cry (yes, even you, macho man). There is something so, so special about a quiet, reserved person who lets their personality show around those they love. 

I really could talk about this wedding forever, so I'll cut to the chase and let you know my favorite parts: the sweet little moments between friends and family, Bryan and Darlene's contagious smiles, when she had to wipe her lipstick off of him after the first kiss, the hilarious toasts, and the butterfly exit.

Happy one month anniversary, guys! Thanks for being incredible people.

Claudia Young is a 20-something creative based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. She specializes in capturing moments instead of going off a Pinterest list. She shoots a lot of couples and weddings, but she loves photographing individuals and families as well! Do you love genuine moments and seeing your personality come out in photos? She's got you covered.