Farmer's Market Themed Baby Shower | Northwest Arkansas Photographer


This weekend, my sister who lives in the Washington DC area came to town for her baby shower!

A little background: my sister is the most incredible person in the world. She's so smart, kind, and beautiful. This is probably a pretty typical thing for a younger sister to think, but if you've ever met Anna, you know that those words don't do her justice. 

Four years ago, she married Tim and they moved two years ago to DC. Tim has a PhD in physics and works at the Naval Research Laboratory. This child is going to be a baby genius. We're sad Tim couldn't come on this trip, but in a few months Nathan and I get to visit them in DC and take some family photos! I get so excited just thinking about it!

Huge shoutout to Sister Sucrose for the amazing cookies, OneCraftyFoxx for the adorable signs, and my mom for everything in between. This was definitely the cutest baby shower I've ever been a part of. To see all photos from the day, click here!

Keep scrolling to the bottom to see a few impromptu photos of Anna and her cute belly!

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