Kat and Giles | Arkansas Wedding Photographer


On a Wednesday morning at 6:20 a.m., we headed down the interstate to shoot a small, intimate wedding. Kat and Giles invited their friends and family to their backyard to celebrate their marriage. Before the sun had even risen, Kat and Giles had coffee together and took in the day. They got ready, had the most grin-worthy first look, and spent the rest of the morning with the people they love. 

I can't explain how much we loved this wedding. I wish I could have captured every single look Giles gave Kat and every smile she gave him. It's so obvious how much they love each other, and I am so, so glad they chose us to capture it. 

I picked the smallest amount of photos I could, but it's still most likely more than I usually blog because...well, you'll see.

Claudia Young is a 20-something creative based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. She specializes in capturing moments instead of going off a Pinterest list. She shoots a lot of engagement photos and weddings, but she loves photographing individuals and families as well! Do you love genuine moments and seeing your personality come out in photos? She's got you covered.