Madeline and Jeff | Arkansas Wedding Photographer


Maddie and Jeff are troopers. First off, they drove up the interstate a few hours to shoot with me, but the day we’d scheduled it was raining cats and dogs. The only other time all of us could do it was the next morning. So we woke up early and drove out to some of my favorite spots in the Goshen/Elkins area. And man, can you see the chemistry between them. It makes my sappy heart soar.

Did we get super muddy? Yes. Was it worth it? I’ll let you decide.

A little background: Maddie was my college roommate and has the sweetest heart. She makes friends so easily because of how amazing she is. Jeff is my favorite college professor's son. When I found out they were dating, I SCREAMED. (Yes, I actually screamed. I freaked Nathan out.) And now they're getting married!! (I screamed then too.) I cannot wait to photograph their wedding at the Mildred B. Cooper Chapel and The Ballroom at I Street next year! Both of their families are incredible and it’s going to be the party of the century.