Regina and Joel | First Church Springdale | Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer


I know that I’ve described clients as “the most genuine people I’ve ever met” before, but I think I’ve found the end all be all of genuine people.

Regina and Joel are so incredibly nice. Regina walks into the room and the room gets brighter instantly. She radiates kindness and joy. And I love how you can tell that Joel knows this and knows he’s the luckiest guy ever. The way he looks at her makes my heart so happy.

I loved witnessing the love and community at their wedding. Everyone is so supportive of their relationship and so in love with both Regina and Joel. It’s really hard to put into words, but I could physically feel the Holy Spirit in that church, and it’s because Regina and Joel truly put God first in their relationship and in their lives.

Keep in mind, I’ve only just met this couple. They booked me for their ceremony less than a month out and we’d only gone to coffee once. I, a stranger, can see how Regina and Joel have affected others’ lives and how many people love them. I think we all should strive to be more like that.

I absolutely love the story of how they met. They first met last March through a mutual friend at their church, where Regina is the youth pastor and worship leader. At another church event, someone spoke a prophecy over her that she was going to meet her husband soon. The crazy part: he was sitting right next to her working the sound booth. She said she didn’t even consider that it was Joel.

They met last March, started dating in September, and got married February 2nd. That may sound a little rushed (which they both admitted they thought it was fast too), but they both had lists of traits they wanted in a spouse, and both of them match up with those lists. I love that so much because I also had a list, and Nathan matched up with every single one. When you know, you know.

They were candid with me and told me that they are opposites in every way. The three things they have in common, though? They love Jesus, they love people, and they love meat. That cracks me up. Although they have so many differences, I know that if they keep Jesus at the center of their relationship, they’ll go the distance. Just look at these photos. I know you’ll agree with me.

Claudia Young is a 20-something creative based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. She specializes in capturing moments instead of going off a Pinterest list. She shoots a lot of couples and weddings, but she loves photographing individuals and families as well! Do you love genuine moments and seeing your personality come out in photos? She's got you covered.