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Have you grabbed your box of tissues yet? I’ll wait for you.

Okay cool, we can start now.

Colton and Alyson are my favorite couple on the planet. Sure, I hadn’t met Colton until Saturday night, but the stories Alyson had told me and the photos and videos I’d seen were enough to know.

They’ve been married since they were teenagers and their love is so, so genuine. I’m not one to throw around the term “relationship goals”, but they truly do set a great example for the rest of us. Not many young couples are this selfless and in love.

Alyson was actually the one who told me and Nathan about the open youth pastor position at her church in Fayetteville. We were really wanting to move back home when our lease was up in May (we both grew up in NWA), so it was perfect timing.

The same day we moved back to Fayetteville was the day Alyson and Colton had their baby, Estella! I like to think that she was waiting for us, because Estella and I are besties now.

Unfortunately, two weeks later, Colton had to go back to South Korea to finish out his deployment with the Army. And thus began my friendship with Alyson.

We actually graduated in the same class at FHS in 2013, so I’m not sure how we didn’t become friends sooner. She’s my soul sister. She understands my sass, Office references, and she’s just overall the greatest person to be around. She makes my heart happy.

Not only is Alyson amazing, but so are both of Alyson and Colton’s families. It’s kind of insane how that many people can be amazing. (You guys lucked out big time.)

I loved spending time with Alyson and Estella these past few months, hearing stories about how incredible Colton is, and counting down the days with them. I cannot wait to experience more of his outgoing personality and famous dance moves!

We are all so thankful that Colton is back for good and can spend time with his family. Speaking of, check out how many came out at 10 p.m. to welcome him home:

Thank you for featuring the Shadricks, KNWA! (Click here to see the article and video)

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