It’s hard to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Even though I’m a photographer, I feel that way too!

What do I do with my hands? Is my smile natural? Is my double chin showing?

It’s hard to be comfortable when all you’re thinking about is how you look. That’s why I have ways to get you having fun and connecting with me so you completely forget about all how you look. Seriously, even if you think you’re too awkward, it won’t show!


Rather than posing you exactly and making every detail perfect, I focus on bringing out personalities and connections between people. We’ll turn on your favorite music, and I’ll give you prompts and actions to do. I’ll get you talking and having a good time. We’ll move around, goof off, whatever makes you feel most yourself. Trust me, it’s a piece of cake!



When you book with me, you get a lot more than just a photographer who shows up and takes the photos the day of. I plan ahead and base the session around your specific personality. I scout locations ahead of time, help you plan your outfits, and am available anytime for questions. Taking photos shouldn’t be a burden on your already busy life. Let me help you make it a breeze!



Nathan and I only take on a certain number of weddings and sessions a year because we really want to give our all to each project. If we overload our schedule, we won’t get to know our clients as well, won’t have time to plan the sessions the way we want to, and that results in less amazing photos.

When you book with us, you aren’t just hiring a service, you’re hiring friends. We are so lucky that so many of our clients are now our great friends. What could be better?