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weddings + elopements

Here's the deal. You're going to blink and your wedding day will be over. It did for me! My job is to make sure you don't forget any of those moments! My husband Nathan and I will be your personal paparazzi all day.

You might have checked out my pricing. I know, wedding photography is expensive. It's a struggle to decide what is most important in your budget. For my wedding - yes, I'm a little biased since I'm a creative - photography and videography were the most important (third was definitely flowers). After all is said and done, those photos and video are going to be what you look back on for decades. 

Wedding photography and videography are an investment. You're preserving one of the most special days of your life, so it should be done right! If you're picking up what I'm throwing down, fill out a form so we can set up a consultation!


engagements + couples

Whether it's just for fun or to document your engagement, I love photographing love. It doesn't matter if you've been together for 50 years or 6 months. I want to help you remember this feeling for years! Check out my prices and let's get started!


In my opinion, more people should hire a photographer or videographer for their proposal. Capturing the indescribable joy that comes with those few words is so precious. Nathan and I are a package deal for proposals so we can make sure we never miss that perfect moment. We're really good at being stealthy (especially Nathan, who was a sniper on his air soft team in college), so you don't have to worry about us getting in the way. Check out my prices and let's get started!



Whether you’re getting your senior photos done or you’re wanting some new photos of yourself, having photos of your personality is so dang important. Sure, photos of you smiling at the camera are good to have, but I focus on letting your personality shine through. People who don’t know you should be able to get a glimpse of who you are through these photos! Plus these sessions are super fun and not uncomfortable at all. It’s a win-win. Check out my prices and let’s get started!


Do you think family photos where everyone is looking at the camera in every photo boring? So do I. That's why I take a more lifestyle approach to documenting your family. Because your family is fun and you deserve to remember every aspect of that.

So while we will get the classic family photos, I'll also get you guys moving and being yourselves. Check out my prices and let's get started


For the privacy of my clients, I do not have my portfolio public.

If you are interested in taking some sexy photos for yourself or your significant other, fill out a form and we can get this party started! I'll send you my portfolio and some questions for you to answer. Before our session, we'll grab a drink and get to know each other better so the actual session can be fun and comfortable!